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Hello! My name is Daniel. I'm a .NET software engineer out of Safety Harbor, FL - west of Tampa. I enjoy spending time in nature, working on my pc, and going to flea markets. I've been a software developer for 13+ years specializing in Windows and Web Development, DevOps, and Support. I've spent the last several years working on rewrites and redoing applications with several issues. I enjoy getting "inside" the code and refactoring it for best performance. My effective communication works in tandem with this as I can understand highly technical and abstract issues and break them down into smaller more explanable pieces. I've worked on all sorts of teams but I do prefer mid-large sized teams as I am most effective. I primarily focused in .NET web projects centered around C#, SQL, MVC, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3. I work well in a team-based enviroment revolving around AGILE methodologies, tools, and processes for the utmost LEAN deliverables. I look forward to joining an organization with a welcoming culture, willing to learn new technologies(especially cloud-based) and provide value to my organization. I most look forward to learning .Net Core technologies, cloud-based solutions, and streamlining processes in the development process(CI/CD). If you have an opportunity, please reach out as I would love to learn more about your organization and the exciting things you are doing!

  • Name: Daniel Roma
  • Address: Safety Harbor, FL
  • Zip code: 34695
  • Email: FunkyMonk8111@gmail.com
  • Phone: 727-377-8018
2002 - 2004

Bachelor of Science

Case Western Reserve University

Majored in Computer Engineering. Focused my studies in computer engineering having a good balance between hardware, software, and troubleshooting skills

1999 - 2002

Bachlor of Arts

Baldwin Wallace College

Majored in Physics. Learned alot of my engineering principles and studying fundamentals. Practiced how to understand issues, use problem solving skills, and working something to completion



Want to learn what I've been working on?

July 2023 - December 2023

Mid-Level .NET Developer (Hybrid)

Mid-Atlantic Finance Company

➡ New features and feature enhancements for flagship software for managing loans in ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Razor and MVC. Alongside enhancements and error handling in APIs. 

➡ Broke away specific functionality from flagship application for such things as User Administration, Dealer maintenance, safe driving discounts and reimbursements, and pending applications. This helped internal users and power users manage settings for over 1000 users and 15000 dealers. Written in .NET Core, Blazor, and EF.NET CORE.  

➡ Mentoring more junior developers and doing code reviews.  

➡ Writing documentation and making sure our code is cohesive throughout applications and having standardization across our applications 

September 2022 - July 2023

Freelancing (remote)

Lightning Development & Consultation

➡ Worked on site for client to help with web design, branding, SEO, analytics, and maintenance of site.  

➡ Worked in a new aspect to their existing business. Generating more business and exposure in their designated niche.  

➡ Created backend administration to manage site and pages. Working with business lines owners to help them with content and when to update information.  

➡ Helped with site reach in a new regulated industry in the State of Florida. Helped owners with planning, setting up site, managing social media channels and working to expand business to new users.  

April 2022 - September 2022

Senior Web Developer (remote)


➡ Worked on key functionality in improving Search Functionality across multiple client sites using Indexes and Sorting. Was able to improve overall searchability and accuracy of site.  

➡ Worked on C# reviews ranking module provided by FeeFo – third party ranking tool. Improving ranking ability of travel reviews for customers. Creating a more accurate viewing of customer reviews and sorting. Helping the browsing experience easier to use and more accurate.  

➡ Worked with development to redo key functionality in site which weren’t done due to other projects. Completed over 45 highly visible tickets in the organization. All high to medium level priority.  

➡ Tasked to create dashboards in Datadog to monitor all production and UAT servers. Providing a way of pulling down key metrics and logs. Helping developers get to issues quicker and providing immediate access once an issue has been reported. 

➡ Performed releases to production and UAT on a regular basis or as a backup, as needed by management. Allowing various teams to test sprint tickets and ultimately pushing code to production servers.  

July 2021 - May 2022

Freelancing (remote)

Lightning Development & Consultation

➡ Worked on site for client to help with web design, branding, SEO, analytics, and maintenance of site.  

➡ Met with business owners to better understand what they are looking for and incorporated into site.  

➡ Created backend administration to manage site and pages. Working with business lines owners to help them with content and when to update information  

➡ Helped with site reach which now helps many youth sport organizations in the state of Florida prepare for fundraising events and getting content out on the social media channels.  

April 2020 - June 2021

Delivery Driver

Dominos - The MAC Group

➡ Delivery driver; in-store help.  

➡ Prepared food, packaged, took orders, and delivered.  

➡ Cleaned around store and greeted customers.  

➡ Kept the store clean and orderly.  

➡ Helped in-store staff with help, preparation, and refilling food lines. 

Feb 2018 - April 2020

Delivery Driver

Amazon Logistics

➡ Met with my team in the morning to discuss goals and routes.  

➡ Loaded daily packages into trucks; organizing and making sure all fragile and heavier packages are strapped down; ordered and organized per route map.  

➡ Went on scheduled calls to make in-home deliveries.  

➡ Hit company milestones based on packages out per day and helping other teammates load their trucks.  

February 2016- Februrary 2018

Consultant (Hybrid)

CGI Federal

➡ Coordinating with development team to build and deploy custom deliverables across multiple environments, from staging to production. Working with various members from software development to business analyst and product owners to groom tickets. Ensuring deliverables are correct and bug-free in an Agile environment.  

➡ Helped with DevOp responsibilities within team to ensure environments are up-to date, backed-up, and continuously running. Also, ensuring we were in-line with our organization’s security measures; used various scripting languages to automate tasks performed within our group using PowerShell and batch scripting 

➡ Tested and ran custom SQL scripts for the development team to ensure data is correct and updated for testing team. Worked with our testing teams to make sure software was tested correctly according to specifications especially since our sprints were performed weekly. 

➡ Responsible for coordinating the creation of new IIS sites from start to finish. Working with team members to ensure all requirements are met and coordinated throughout the organization.  

➡ Worked on Security Remediation project to help ensure our software handles most common security vulnerabilities seen today. A third-party security scan was run to help identify all holes and inefficiencies in our systems. Changes were implemented in VB.NET and ASP.NET then vigorously tested to ensure that our clients have the utmost confidence in our products. Mostly white and grey hat tickets.  

September 2014 - Februrary 2016

.NET Developer (onsite)

The Adcom Group

➡ Work with marketing and business analysts to deliver implementations to clients. Developing products which were tailored to the customer's needs using CRMs in-demand; Umbraco and Sitecore.  
➡ Manage several clients at one time with the ability to multitask across many projects. Doing a lot of backend changes related to database and connectivity to properly retrieve and send data on requests.  

➡ Responsible for working with team to determine the viability of project. Estimating project-based time, skill, and availability 

➡ Working with CRMs and developing implementations to fit the client’s needs and timeline. 

➡ Taking concepts from Front end concept to fully integrated backend solution  

➡ Worked with various front-end teammates on team to make sure the front-end was open to back-end implementation and changes. 

September 2011 - February 2014

Application Developer (onsite)


➡ Rewrote existing classic asp websites to utilize new technology using .NET Framework 4.0 along with ASP.NET technologies and MVC 3.0, Upgrading ultimately to 5.0.  

➡ Created a three-tiered architecture to modularize and provide re-usable objects for other developers, business, presentation, and data layers.  

➡ Provided Support and Maintenance while adding new client features.  

➡ Worked directly with the client managing their expectations and making improvements as project developed; simultaneous making changes based on their business needs.  

➡ Worked on many internal tools and libraries to improve the performance of our products such as special database libraries to improve the speed of getting and sending data back to database.  

November 2006 - September 2011

Systems Analyst II (onsite)

Diebold Inc.

➡ Actively managed all hardware and software related issues seen in manufacturing for all Opteva line ATMs across six plants. Did root cause analysis for hardware-related issues, i.e. drivers not loading, update firmware, install additional bat scripts in installation and making sure environment variables are correct. Otherwise, contact the software team for triage.  

➡ Built valuable relationships among development and manufacturing teams globally to quickly resolve business critical issues. Software issues were dispersed to appropriate teams. 

➡ Involvement in team for improving software release process by encouraging teams for feedback and using tools to streamline processes plus we would do retrospective after major releases for process improvements.  

➡ Worked with team remotely to ensure code was migrated and utilized for special function and processed within the staging environment. Worked with individuals in development and test to test hot-fixes and bug changes. Re-running through scenarios in the laboratory and ensuring product was staged as expected. 

January 2005 - November 2006

Software Engineer I (onsite)

Amerigas Propane

➡ Developed application used by the call center to reduce redundancies and rebooking for sales and service departments. Written in AJAX ASP.NET 2.0 Webforms, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SOAP Web Services.  

➡ Completely re-wrote 5 legacy applications used by the whole office from legacy JavaScript, Html and CSS to ASP.NET 2.0 Standards using Entity Framework: sales, scheduling, accounts payable and receivable. 

➡ Was appointed to Build and Release manager to over 20 products in the company. Main point of contact for build and release.  


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